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With current awareness of environmental protection and ultimately, safeguarding our earth, the dredging sector is now facing a different view on the design of dredging systems.


LWC Group designs and builds high-quality dredging systems that meet the latest international standards. Our systems are the next generation in dredging equipment aboard trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHDs) and cutter suction dredgers (CSDs).


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LWC’s dredging systems are able to extract very different raw materials as efficiently as possible from the seabed under very different operational conditions. The dredging systems are designed according to the wishes and specifications of the customer. Your wishes with regard to production capacity, material type and the like are clearly mapped out so we can create a product that will give you, the customer, the best return from your system.


Sieve systems are important for optimum yield when straining out the type of sea aggregates you are looking for. That’s why at LWC, our sieve systems are designed to the customer’s specification. First, we’ll map out your needs regarding production capacity, dimensions and type of connections. All of this information is then further elaborated in the design, engineering and production phases, in order to achieve a final result that will help you, the customer, get the best out of your sieve system.


LWC builds in-house, fully customised dry unloading systems. A dry unloading system consists of an excavator on a mobile platform over the ship’s cargo hold, which removes sea aggregates from the ship’s hold to a hopper over an electrically/hydraulically driven conveyor belt.
The aggregates are discharged dry on the shore via the conveyor belt.
With LWC’s high-tech dry unloading systems, time can be saved thanks to this highly efficient and reliable release method.


LWC’s drag heads offer very high production capacity, even in compact soils and at different dredging depths. In addition to the standard package, LWC also designs and builds tailored drag heads. Firstly, the customer’s needs are clearly mapped out, then the product development can begin.


LWC has built up a lot of knowledge and experience around active and passive swell compensators. These systems are used with the winches in the suction system and literally compensate for the swell or the wave motion of the ocean. This allows the drag head to be controlled on the ground and the hoisting wire can be kept taut under all weather conditions.


At LWC, loading arms are designed according to the customer’s specification, to meet every desired production capacity and functionality. After approval of the design and engineering phase, production will begin. As a result, the end product will always be able to meet the your specific needs.


LWC has a wide range of wear-resistant dredge valves. We do not limit ourselves just to standard dredge valves. For example, we can supply rubber ring valves for fully opening/closing a dredging pipeline. We can also supply discharge and regulating dredge valves with a wear-resistant blade, for controlling and changing the direction of gravel, sand or sludge while pumping.

All dredge valves are hydraulically operated with open/close sensors and can also be supplied in different classes. We do everything we can to put the customer’s needs at the heart of what we do.


LWC is a supplier of a standard range of water jet monitors, but tailor-made solutions are also available. Our water jet monitors are designed to distribute large quantities of water over long distances for cargo hold irrigation. The advantages of our water jet monitors are:

  • Heavyduty built and certified if required
  • Suitable for cargo hold irrigation
  • Reliability and long lifespan are guaranteed

All water jet monitors can be fitted with requested piping, hoses and swivel systems for easy installation. The customer’s needs are the driving force.

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